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25 novembre 2008


International Conference

11-12 June 2009

Centre Universitaire Jean-François Champollion


NOUVELLE RECHERCHE EN DOMAINE OCCITAN : Approches interdisciplinaires.

NEW RESEARCH IN OCCITAN STUDIES : Interdisciplinary approaches

During the 9th congress of the Association Internationale d’Etudes Occitanes (Aachen, August 2008), the idea of a conference for graduate researchers working on Occitan was put forward. This conference, organised by the postgraduate students present in Aachen, will be held at the Centre Universitaire Jean-François Champollion in Albi, on the 11th and 12th of June 2009.


In the context of the increasingly diverse and interdisciplinary nature of research on Occitan language and culture, postgraduate students from all disciplines are invited to present their research projects and exchange different methods with fellow young researchers in Occitan studies.

The conference aims to provide an interactive forum where constructive discussions between students can encourage collaborative projects and identify new areas of research.

Contributions on all aspects of Occitan language and culture are welcomed, on topics including, but not limited to: linguistics, history, literature, sociology, musicology, and ethnography. Each paper should present a single, well-defined aspect of the author’s research, and may touch on the role of interdisciplinary work in this research.


Abstracts, of 300 words maximum, should be submitted by e-mail to the conference address by 10 January 2009. Notification of acceptance/rejection will be given in mid-February.


Papers may be in Occitan, French, another Romance language or English. Each presentation should last approximately twenty minutes and will be followed by ten minutes for questions.


It is envisaged that the conference proceedings will be published, to which end finished articles should be submitted by 30 June 2009.


The conference is organised under the auspices of the Association Internationale d’Etudes Occitanes.


Organising committee :

Elodie de Oliveira, Université Paris IV (linguistics/modern literature)

Céline Baquié, Université Paris IV (modern literature)

Aurélie Joubert, University of Manchester (sociolinguistics)

Aurélia Lassaque, Université Montpellier III (modern literature)

Paolo di Luca, Università di Napoli (mediaeval literature)

Olitiana Martin, Université Toulouse II (linguistics)

Marjolaine Raguin, Université Montpellier III (mediaeval literature)

Louise Esher, University of Oxford (linguistics)

Pierre-Joan Bernard, Université Lyon III et Toulouse II (archival science/mediaeval history)

Xavier Bach, Université Toulouse II & Centre Universitaire Jean-François Champollion d’Albi

Joan Thomàs, Université Toulouse II & Centre Universitaire Jean-François Champollion d’Albi

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